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Alejandra Carboni graduated in Psychology from the University of the Republic in Uruguay (Udelar), after that, she moved to Spain to pursue postgraduate studies funded by a grant from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation.
Upon finishing her doctoral thesis “The neurophysiology of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder “ in the Magnetoencephalography Center of the Complutense University of Madrid, she completed postdoctoral work at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Most recently, she returned to Uruguay in 2011 to work as a lecturer in the Center for Basic Research in Psychology at the UdelaR and she is also a researcher of the National System of Researchers in Uruguay (ANII).
Her main work focuses on visual attention, particularly in the interactions between attention and emotion. She uses electroencephalography (EEG) in order to explore the neural mechanisms underlying endogenous and exogenous attention.

After her participation in the third LaSchool for Education and cognitive sciences in 2013, Alejandra started to focus her research on topics related with education. She is now investigating the links between time perception and impulsivity in school age children She also coordinates the Cognitive Psychology program and the Intership in Experimental Psychology for undergraduates students  in Psychology Faculty at the Udelar

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March 12th Wednesday / 19:00 - 20:00
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