Camilo Gouet

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Universidad Católica de Chile
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My areas of interest involve mathematical cognition, spatial cognition and concept development. In particular, I am interested to study how our ability to connect different cognitive domains such as space and numbers may foster the development of mathematical thought; how the ability to integrate information from different perceptual modalities (audition, vision or touch) may contribute to concept formation, as it is proposed by phonological symbolism; how these capacities emerge and develop in the human brain.

My undergraduate formation was in Biology and now I am doing a Phd in Psychology.  Currently, I am working in a laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience studying the spatial representation of mental magnitudes. Specifically, I am investigating a link between phonological symbolism and the processing of mental magnitudes, such as location, size and number. I think the study of these basic associations may help us in developing better strategies to teach abstract concepts. 


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