Chrissie Ferreira de Carvalho

Personal Information
Research Laboratory of Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology. Institute of Psychology, Federal University of Bahia.
Short resume: 

Recently is a Doctorate student in Development Psychology in Federal University of Bahia. The thesis project had Title “EFFECTS OF AN INTERVENTION SCHOOL PROGRAM OF EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS IN VULNERABLE CHILDREN”. In the doctorate works in the development of a School Estimulation/Intervention program in executive function and research in developmental psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive Neuropsychology and Development. Research on neuropsychological effects of environmental exposure to heavy metals and Intervention Programs. Collaborates as a member on two research groups: NeuroClic (Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology) and NITRE (Center for Technological Innovation in Rehabilitation). Areas of interest: Neuropsychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuropsychological Assessment, Neurotoxicology, Rehabilitation and Accessibility.



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