Darlene Godoy de Oliveira

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Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory - Developmental Disorders Graduate Program - Mackenzie Presbyterian University - São Paulo
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Psychologist with Master’s degree(Dissertation title: Eye Movements and Pupil Response in a Lexical Decision Task in children with Developmental Dyslexia)and PhD advanced student (Thesis title: Event Related Potentials in a Lexical Decision Task in Subjects with Developmental Dyslexia)at the Development Disorders Graduate Program on Mackenzie Presbyterian University (São Paulo). Doctoral internship at the Educational Neuroscience laboratory of Harvard Graduate School of Education during Spring/2013. Researcher of the Laboratory for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at Mackenzie university, with emphasis on the study of the following topics: psychophysiological measures of evoked potentials, eye movements and pupil dilation in cognitive processes of reading and developmental dyslexia, neuropsychological assessment of children and adults with Learning Disorders, Computerized assessment and intervention for reading and writing skills.

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