Florencia Stelzer

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Centro de Investigación en Procesos Básicos, Metodología y Educación - Facultad de Psicología (UNMdP), Centro de Investigación en Neurociencias de Rosario (CINR) - Facultad de Psicología (UNR)
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I graduated in Psychology at “Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina.”

After college I got a PhD scholarship from the “Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas” (CONICET) to study the relationships among temperament, intelligence and executive functions in children. My main research question is how individual differences in reactivity and self-regulation can influence the performance of higher-order cognitive processes, and how fluid and crystallized intelligence and executive functions (working memory, inhibitory control, planning and decision making) are related. We explore such relations working at elementary schools by implementing different behavior measures.

On the other hand, I have already completed my PhD courses and I’m currently finishing writing my final PhD thesis, thus I am interested in analyzing the topic I have been working on from other perspective. I would like to center my attention on the relation between higher-order cognitive processes (executive functions and intelligence) and math student’s performances through their cognitive developments. Also, I am interesting in knowing how both executive functions and numerical processing abilities can predict children´s different types of math skills.

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