Francesco Sella

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Department of General Psychology, University of Padova, Italy
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After the master degree, I did a one year internship as clinical psychologist helping children with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. I also had a good feeling doing research then I decided to enroll a PhD program in developmental psychology at the University of Padova. I began working on motor inhibition with a specific focusing on the strategies that individuals implement when controlling/inhibiting pre-programmed movements. Almost at the same time, I became more and more interested in numerical cognition which it is now my main research topic. In last years, I have been conducting a heterogeneous mix of behavioral experiments investigating basic numerical processes (e.g., subitizing, estimation) as well as more complex abilities (e.g., strategy selection in computational estimation) in typical and atypical developing children. Lately, I have focused my research on early numerical competences in preschool children in order to investigate how numerical skills (e.g., counting, spatial representation of numbers, symbolic/non-symbolic numerical processing) develop and interact each other. Along with this project, I am also collaborating in the realization of training studies to evaluate the effectiveness of specific game-software in enhancing numerical abilities in preschool and primary school children. Finally, I am enthusiastic R user and I recently discovered Sweave!

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