Ileana Quiñones González

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Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language
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I am interested in how the brain leads with different problems such as identity recognition processing, visual word recognition processing or sentence processing. This curiosity about cognitive neuroscience started in 2002 during my undergraduate training period at the Cuban Neuroscience Center (in Cuba) working with María Antonieta Bóbes and Mitchell Valdés Sosa. In 2004, I get accepted in the two year Master in Cognitive Neuroscience and I defended my master thesis on the electrophysiological basis of cross-modal integration of visual and auditory cues during identity recognition processing. After that period, I discovered the MRI world and started a new project about the neural bases of identity recognition processing through faces and voices. This project started in 2007 and it was prolonged until 2010, supervised by Pascal Belin (in Glasgow) in collaboration with María Antonieta Bóbes and Mitchell Valdés Sosa. In 2011, I am moving to language processing, starting my PhD thesis on agreement computation during sentence processing supervised by Manuel Carreiras and Nicola Molinaro at the BCBL. This work is focused on distinguish between semantic and syntactic networks recruited during agreement computation processing combining different analysis techniques.

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