María Josefina D'Alessio

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Facultad de Filosofía y Letras and Instituto de Lingüística - Universidad de Buenos Aires
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In 2009 I graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) with a degree in Lingüistics. I am currently pursuing my PhD in psycholinguistics on a scholarship awarded by UBA. My PhD project, which I carry out at the UBA Instituto de Lingüística, studies the role of Spanish derivational morphology on reading acquisition and reading disabilities. Apart from the theoretical implications of this project, one of its main goals is to unveil ways in which reading intervention and teaching to read can be enhanced through linguistic variables such as morphology. In the past years, I worked as assistant researcher studying the processing of regular and irregular verb inflection during reading through eye tracking. I am currently an assistant teacher in Psycholinguistics at  UBA and collaborate with an NGO that provides remedial educational programs for socially and economically deprived children .


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